Check In:
-  All guests must check in at the office upon arrival.

-  Check In: Check In 2pm:  Check Out: 11 AM can be extended by request

-  As required by Ohio law, all out-of-state horses and mules must  have proof of current,  negative Coggins Test.

-  We reserve the right to change the rates at any time.

-  All guests are expected to respect the camp, trails, and fellow riders. All must behave in a manner conducive to family fun. NO RUDE BEHAVIOR will be tolerated.  NO loud music or vulgarity.  


-  We are on city water, please conserve. NO washing of vehicles/trailers. NO long horse baths.

-  NO SMOKING inside of barns, buildings, cabin, wagon, rooms, or restrooms.

-  Do not throw trash or leftover food in the creek or around camp .  Your  campsite should be clean of trash and manure or additional charges may occur.

-  Do no throw cigarette butts on the ground.

-- Do not wash your boots in public showers.

-  Stalls must be cleaned daily. Prior to leaving, stalls must  be completely cleaned/stripped. Failure to do so, will incur a $25 charge.

-  Bedding must be used in stalls. Bring your own or buy it here.

-  Feed and hay must be secured/stored in your trailer.

-  Do not worm your horse prior to your stay.  The manure is used for compost.

-  No Stallions without prior approval.

-  Stock trailer it MUST be cleaned out after use or additional charges will occur.

- Do not ride horses fast through camp.  

- The horse owner is financially resposible for damages to stalls, gates, trees, etc. caused  by their horse.

-  Dogs must be on a leash and under control at all times. Restrained such that they will  not chase or bother horses, campers, or other dogs.

-  YOU must pick up after your dog. No pooping without scooping!

-  No excessive barking.  

-  When not in your company, dogs must be leashed, caged or  confined in your campsite.

-  Do not bath dogs in public showers.